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Basic Tier

Our Basic Tier is perfect if you're just looking to get a sense of where you sit day-to-day.

  • Three-month rolling analysis
  • Unlimited number of tracked team members
  • First three months free!
$1 /seat

Pro Tier

If you want to dig in an analyze your historic team density, and get alerts when there's deviance, Pro Tier is for you.

  • Unlimited back tracking and analysis
  • Report export and anomaly notification
  • Org-wide, per-team, and individual-level density reporting
$5 /seat

Enterprise Tier

If you have compliance or integration needs that don't come with out standard tiers, we're happy to have a discussion around setting you up with our Enterprise tier.

  • Custom calendar software integration
  • Bespoke business logic
  • Specific compliance requirements
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You should setup some teams now to get started; helping to pickout which members of your org belong to which teams helps us get you team-specific reports!

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